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I’m a leader, product designer, design thinker and human-loving optimist. I have a mission to maintain a healthy balance between functionality and visual impact with all my work. I am an open-minded and focused designer ready for any challenge that may come about. 

Let’s make sure design always has a seat at the table! ;)

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my focus points



I have adaptive mindset that ensures I can navigate changes in project requirements, user expectations, and industry landscapes, fostering continuous personal and professional growth.


user center focused

Constantly striving to understand a user needs, behaviors, and pain points, to create designs that not only meet current expectations but anticipate future ones. Actively seeking and incorporating user feedback, ensuring visually appealing, but also to enhance the users experience.


growth mindset

Continuously innovating and pushing the boundaries to make transformational experiences. Embracing new ideas and skills, while always viewing challenges as opportunities to learn and improve.


Hello, it's me! The one behind the pixels. As much as I love design and pretty much eat, sleep, breath it. I have discovered the beauty of balance. Which has lead me to live a more fulfilled well rounded life, which has helped translate into the way I craft my designs. Beyond the digital realm, you'll find me embracing the beauty of nature, finding therapeutic company with my furry friend, immersing myself literature for personal growth, and exploring diverse cultures through the art of cooking and savoring new flavors. This holistic approach to life not only fuels my creativity, but also shapes the unique perspective I bring to every design endeavor.


nature lover


thrill chaser

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dog aunt

food lover

book worm

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work achievements

Feb 2020 - Present

Calder Solutions

Senior Product Designer

Over the past four years at Calder Solutions agency, I have been immersed in a diverse range of projects encompassing education technology, financial software startups, and expansive e-commerce platforms. Embracing each project's unique challenges, I have assumed the role of the lead designer, taking charge from the initiation of the discovery phase and guiding it through to the development of high-functioning digital experiences. This journey has not only allowed me to contribute to a variety of sectors but has also provided invaluable learning opportunities, solidifying my expertise in leading comprehensive design processes and delivering successful outcomes for all of our clients.

Feb 2023 - Present

Amway Digital

Senior Product Designer (Contract)

I am spearheading the design of their new subscription feature. Working closely with their Thailand market to identify the needs of the users to fit their specific market needs while also staying within Amway’s global component library. Identifying personas, user flows, and wireframes to help in the creation of the entire subscription flow. Performing design QA and working closely with our dev team to identify the best solution for our users. Leading into a seamless solution of high fidelity comps that are currently in beta testing in the Thailand market.

Feb 2021 - April 2022

Meijer Mobile App
Product Designer (Scrum Team Lead)

I was a part of the Meijer Mobile App team, where I also lead the scrum team in our agile SAFE working environment. I lead the designs on the new account creation flow, mPerks 4.0, and the new beta futuristic project. I worked closely with product owners, developers, and QA to define and implement innovative solutions for the product direction, visuals and experience. Designed and delivered wireframes, user stories, user journeys, and mockups optimized for a wide range of devices and interfaces

Dec 2019 - May 2020

Frizzmo App
UX/UI Designer (Contract)

As the lead designer, I was responsible for designing all UX/UI elements on this project, while also assisting with the branding and advertising. I started by taking an idea through a journey flow, then to wireframing, prototype, ... ending with a product, directing the collaborative project with a team of another designer and developers to accomplish the finished product design.

May 2019 - Feb 2020


User Experience Design Internship

Working closely with the Design team to design digital experiences through an understanding of the client’s brand, business requirements, and technical limitations. Assisting in a variety of design tasks to support the design and development of sites and apps (Sitemaps, taxonomies, wireframes, creative concepts, prototypes, etc.). While also working directly with developers doing QA and providing feedback to ensure the visual quality aligns to design.

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