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Amway Global, the world's largest direct selling company with reported sales of $8.9 billion in 2021, presented a unique and expansive design challenge. Amway's extensive reach, operating in 100 countries through Independent Business Owners (IBOs), necessitated a global design approach that balanced regional nuances while adhering to core branding standards. Tasked with working on their new subscription feature, I started to craft a design that not only resonated with diverse markets but also seamlessly integrated with Amway's overarching brand identity. Allowed me to navigate the complexities of catering market needs while upholding a cohesive and recognizable visual language, ultimately contributing to Amway's innovative and user-centric digital landscape.



user experience designer, digital experience

key responsibilities

UX Designer

UI Designer

Subscription Pod Lead Designer

User Flows & Wireframes

HighFi Comps & Prototyping

QA Testing

Market Experience Designer

my role

Assuming the role of a product designer for Amway Global's new subscription feature, my primary responsibility was to spearhead the design and implementation of this innovative addition to their digital landscape. Tasked with aligning the feature with existing branding and overall user experience, I began the project with a deep dive into their current markets I will have to design for. Once I had an understanding of the different markets and their needs I began looking into the current designs that exist across each pod and features throughout their current digital platforms. I would be designing for a fully responsive omini-channel experience that needed to feel and function with the same current branding and overall digital presence

in mind.


benchmarking subscriptions

Looking back to how mPerks started, a rewards program that was very outdated and not engaging for the users. The users would occasionally get rewards during checkout at the POS machine, or they would get coupons mailed to their house. There was an online experience where you could go clip coupons, but most people would forget to do this or not even know it existed. This started the conversation of mPerks 4.0, a completely user centric rewards program that was going to excite the users in a new gamified experience.

That is where the mPerks rebranding came into place. Going off the current Meijer brand that everyone knows and loves, mPerks already established a rewards program that resonated with their loyal customers. So I wanted to build off of what the users are already used to with mPerks. By taking a look at what was already their and pushing it to the next level, a fresh new look for mPerks that would get people excited to save money!

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user flows & wireframes

Diving into user flows and understanding the diverse needs of our primary users was the next step. Through thorough analysis, I identified key user personas and organized user flows and journeys to align with the feature's objectives and user end goals. Collaborating closely with my team and project manager, we refined and locked down a user flow that encapsulated our mission for the new subscription feature. The transition to wireframing marked a pivotal moment in the project, allowing us to initiate conversations with both users and the development team. These wireframes served as a tangible foundation for user testing, facilitating valuable insights and discussions with the development team about the feasibility within the project timeline. This meticulous process not only ensured that we addressed the essential features for the MVP but also laid the groundwork for future interactions, providing a comprehensive roadmap for the continued success of the new feature.

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hifi comps
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hifi comps

Once the MVP for the new subscription feature was defined, the next crucial step involved aligning it with the current user experience and seamlessly integrating it into Amway's digital landscape. The initial market focus was on Thailand, having a deep understanding of the specific needs and expectations of the users in that market. Simultaneously, we approached the design with a forward-thinking mindset, recognizing that the feature would eventually expand to other markets. This required a meticulous design strategy that catered to diverse users, considering both B2B and B2C users. The challenge was to create a unified and seamless experience across all markets while adhering to industry standards and Amway's branding requirements. As an ongoing project, this project continues to evolve, with a commitment to expand and grow the feature set for users in various markets, ensuring a consist experience for all Amway users.

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