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Priority Health, is a health insurance company founded in 1985, has been dedicated to enhancing the well-being of individuals for decades. With a commitment to providing a diverse range of health plans tailored to various needs, Priority Health has established itself as a trusted partner in healthcare. As the landscape of healthcare evolves, the company recognized the importance of a robust digital presence to better serve its members. Seeking to modernize their approach, Priority Health reached out for design assistance to elevate both their mobile app and website. I got to collaborate with their design team in assisting in auditing their site and concepting new ideas to enhance their digital experiences.



user experience designer, digital experience

key responsibilities

UX Designer

UI Designer


User Flows & Wireframes

HighFi Comps & Prototyping

QA Testing

my role

Stepping into the role of a product designer for Priority Health's digital transformation project, I undertook the task of collaborating with their existing design team to inject a fresh perspective into their user experience. Acknowledging the need for innovation and new enhancements, I engaged in a process that began with a thorough audit of their current digital experience. Working closely with the team, I worked to create wireframes that laid out a fresh foundation for their digital experience. Taking my role one step further we worked through some creative comps to optimize the overall digital journey for Priority Health's users. Through a collaborative and iterative approach, we aimed to ensure that the final result not only met but exceeded the expectations of both the company and its diverse user base.


app audit

The initial phase of the project kicked off with a comprehensive UX audit of Priority Health's existing digital experience, with a primary focus on their mobile app. Tasked with providing a fresh perspective, I delved deep into every feature and element, assuming the role of a first-time user to identify pain points and areas of improvement. The audit revealed a need for significant updates, with numerous instances of weak user interactions and inconsistencies in branding alignment. By outlining each problem and gap in the user experience, I laid the groundwork for subsequent redesign efforts. Having a better understanding of the challenges, the design team and I started conceptualizing innovative solutions and conducting benchmarking to ensure the proposed changes aligned with industry standards and user expectations. This initial audit set the stage for a more user-friendly and modernized digital presence for Priority Health.

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Following the UX audit, the project transitioned into the crucial phase of benchmarking, where I examined industry standards for digital experiences similar to Priority Health's mobile app. This involved a comprehensive analysis of features and functionalities, comparing them with the existing application to identify gaps and opportunities for enhancement. By delving into similar applications, I gained valuable insights into how certain features were handled, allowing me to evaluate their effectiveness and user-friendliness. This process not only provided a benchmark for best practices but also enabled me to decide whether specific features were essential or if there were alternative, more efficient approaches. The benchmarking phase gave greater insight into design decisions moving forward, ensuring that the updated digital experience not only met but exceeded industry standards, ultimately enhancing user satisfaction and engagement.

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new concepts & hifi comps

The next phase of the project involved the creation of a fresh, modern digital experience aimed to optimize the overall user experience. Focusing on key features such as login/account creation, the dashboard, notifications, FAQs, insurance card, and order claiming, I worked on crafting enhancements based on insights from the UX audit and industry standards. Aligning with the company's vision and branding, I not only refined existing features but also conceptualized an entirely new feature—a customizable health tracker. This innovative addition aimed to empower users to understand and manage their health needs seamlessly. Through thoughtful design concepts, I showcased how this feature could integrate with existing functionalities, providing users with a comprehensive tool to monitor their health, set up appointments, and track day-to-day well-being. This holistic approach aimed to elevate Priority Health's digital presence, ensuring a user-friendly, modern, and personalized experience for all its members.

login / create account
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dashboard , notifications, FAQs
insurance card
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claim orders
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future health tracker feature
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