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The Voyager Dog Food e-commerce website was a dynamic project aimed to enhance their online presence and boosting sales through a comprehensive e-commerce solution. Formerly known as The Scoop, a thriving family-owned dog food brand, has embarked on a transformative journey, not only rebranding but also seeking a complete overhaul of their

e-commerce website. Recognizing the pivotal role of a robust online presence, they approached our agency for our expertise in digital technology. The goal is to lead the design and development of a new

e-commerce site, one that not only reflects their new name and branding but also drives sales, increases revenue, and streamlines internal processes for efficient order and inventory management. This collaboration marks a significant step forward for Voyager Dog Food Co, and the team was excited to bring an innovative solutions to the forefront, ensuring their digital presence aligns seamlessly with their dedication to providing high-quality nutrition for all pups.



user experience designer, digital experience

key responsibilities

UX Designer

UI Designer


Site Map & Taxonomy

End to End Flow

User Flows & Wireframes

HighFi Comps & Prototyping

QA Testing

my role

As the lead designer, I initiated the discovery phase by, crafting personas, user flows, sitemaps, and wireframes to lay the groundwork for an optimized user experience. With a focus on driving more sales and introducing subscription options, we seamlessly integrated these features into a high-fidelity wireframe. Collaboration with Voyager Dog Food's branding and marketing teams played a pivotal role in translating their creative vision into compelling creative comps and prototypes. I oversaw the implementation of this vision through a talented designer, ensuring a blend of functionality and aesthetics. The final result is a meticulously crafted user experience that aligns with the brand's identity, to not only meet but exceed sales and revenue goals overall.


app audit

The start of our partnership involved a comprehensive website audit of their old digital experience, meticulously examining both their mobile and desktop experiences. Through this detailed analysis, I identified key pain points within their current digital interface and presented compelling solutions that addressed each flaw. By calling out features that required enhancement and providing clear alternatives, we painted a vivid picture of the transformative potential of a redesigned website. This audit not only showcased our expertise but also served as the catalyst for The Scoop to envision the possibilities of a collaborative redesign effort. Our thorough evaluation and strategic recommendations ultimately convinced them of our capabilities and commitment to facilitating their growth through an improved and seamless digital experience.

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This phase in our collaboration with Voyager Dog Food Co involved a meticulous identification of their key users, a crucial step in shaping the new design of their website. By carefully identifying user personas, we aimed to create a digital experience tailored to the unique needs of each user category, ensuring an intuitive and seamless interaction. Beyond the external users, we delved into gaining insights into their internal team dynamics. Understanding the challenges faced by the admin, who previously had to manually communicate with customers, we sought to digitize and streamline this process. The goal was to empower the internal team with a more efficient system to monitor orders, address issues, and enhance communication with customers, ultimately optimizing the overall user experience for both external and internal stakeholders.

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site map & wireframes

With user personas identified, the project transitioned seamlessly into the site map and wireframe stage for Voyager Dog Food Co. This crucial phase focused on crafting a deliberate user flow and screens that would ensure a seamless and efficient shopping experience on their website. Two site maps were strategically developed—one targeting future iterations and another designed for the testing MVP launch. The emphasis was on creating wireframes that not only looked aesthetically pleasing but also prioritized user intent for quick and purposeful navigation. Opting for high-fidelity wireframes became essential, aligning with the client's desire to see how their new brand seamlessly integrated into the redesigned website. The goal was to achieve a seamless omni-channel experience that not only reflected the new brand, but also provided a visually compelling and user-centric digital experience for Voyager Dog Food Co customers.

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home page
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food as medicine
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product listing
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product detail
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Following the confirmation of wireframes, the project seamlessly transitioned into the creative comps and prototyping phase for Voyager Dog Food Co. This critical stage is where design concepts, branding elements, and content strategy converged. Engaging closely with their internal design team, I delved into understanding the details of their new branding and marketing goals, ensuring that the website tone aligns seamlessly with their redesign expectations. Once the branding language and imagery were established, I took on the role of lead designer, overseeing the final implementation and collaborating with our team to add the finishing touches to the creative comps. Throughout this process, I led client meetings and provided continuous feedback to shape the ultimate user experience and ensure an end-to-end branding coherence for Voyager. The result is the successful launch of their new website at, and this work will persist, evolving based on ongoing user research and the continuous expansion of the brand.

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